Statistical overview of global investment results

1.Trend analysis of foreign direct investment in Taiwan between 1990 and 2017

    (1)2000 Y.: Due to the opening of the fixed-network communication service, domestic companies invested in the telecommunication industry via offshore companies that became the first investment peak.

    (2)2006-2008 Y.: The second investment peak was the large-scale acquisition of Taiwanese banks and cable television by international private funds.

    (3)Excluding the years mentioned above, the overall performance of investments by overseas Chinese and foreign companies has been growing slightly.

2.According to statistics on the actual investment amount of overseas Chinese or foreign companies in Taiwan from the Department of Investment Services, as based on data from MOEA's various investment promotion units, in 2017, overseas Chinese and foreign companies totally invested US$11.665 billion in Taiwan, while the target of investment promotion was US$11 billion. The target was achieved by 106.05%.

Year Amount of overseas Chinese and foreign investment in Taiwan(Unit: US$100 million) Foreign investment target of the year(Unit: US$100 million) Percentage of target achieved(%)
2011 95.32 90.00 105.91
2012 101.91 100.00 101.91
2013 105.11 105.00 100.10
2014 108.12 108.00 100.11
2015 110.77 110.00 110.70
2016 112.03 110.00 101.85
2017 116.65 110.00 106.05
Percentage increase or decrease compared with the same period of the previous year 4.12% -- --