• Attracting overseas investment to Taiwan

  • Assistance for Taiwanese investment abroad

  • Welcoming talent from overseas

  • Encouraging local firms returning to Invest in Taiwan

  • Mainland Chinese investment in Taiwan

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Assistance for Taiwanese investment abroad


Deeply cultivate regional economic markets, grasp business opportunities in emerging markets, and depend on the different production advantages of various countries to assist Taiwanese companies in achieving international division of labor.

Specific practices

Manage investment opportunity briefings, organize investment delegations, regularly update the profiles of relevant countries' investment environments, collect real-time economic and trade investment information from overseas countries, log on to the Global Taiwan Business Services Website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs , and provide investment overseas layout consulting services.

Services for overseas Taiwanese companies

Overseas Taiwanese Business Guidance

Establish the Service Center for Taiwanese Businesses

Use the resources of the headquarter or inter-ministerial resources to help Taiwanese companies to upgrade and transform themselves and provide them with experts’ counseling services.

Taiwanese Industry Guidance

Assist Taiwanese companies in strengthening their core competitiveness, promote the link between overseas Taiwanese companies and the homeland, and implement the goal of upgrading the industries that back Taiwan and reviving the economy of Taiwan”.

Specific practices

Manage and oversee overseas industry experts’ services teams, meeting for overseas Taiwanese businesses cooperation with domestic corporations, in-depth industry counseling, successful business models of benchmark companies, discussion meeting with the Taiwan Business Association, interaction between industry experts and Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, overseas Taiwanese companies legal consulting services, provide the sales expansion in Mainland China market promotion activities and business information distribution etc..