• Attracting overseas investment to Taiwan

  • Assistance for Taiwanese investment abroad

  • Welcoming talent from overseas

  • Encouraging local firms returning to Invest in Taiwan

  • Mainland Chinese investment in Taiwan

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Welcoming Talent from Overseas


● Focus on the recruitment of talent needed by key industries in Taiwans

● Boost the human resource for global investment of Taiwan

● Expand and strengthen the recruitment network in Taiwan


● Provide customized services to companies that require overseas talent in accordance with surveys of key industries’ demands for professional talent.

● Analyze the strategies and specific methods for recruiting talent for key industries in Taiwan

● Promote incentives for overseas Chinese and international students to stay in Taiwan, organize matchmaking meetings to assist companies in utilizing the human resources of overseas Chinese and international students, and develop a presence in emerging markets overseas.

● Organize overseas talent recruitment delegations that will hold overseas talent matchmaking meetings and recruitment events at well-known educational institutions, and establish a network of overseas student associations.

● Cooperate with overseas technological organizations and well-known foreign universities, including the signing of MOUs; jointly establish a resumes of talents and corporate vacancies information exchange platform in Taiwan, focusing on the industries’ demands for talent.

● Build an overseas talent network and establish overseas follow-up and contact mechanisms to support the Executive Yuan’s global talent competition plan.