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Invest Taiwan

  • Attracting overseas investment to Taiwan

  • Assistance for Taiwanese investment abroad

  • Welcoming talent from overseas

  • Encouraging local firms returning to Invest in Taiwan

  • Mainland Chinese investment in Taiwan

Encouraging local firms returning to Invest in Taiwan

Single Window Service

InvesTaiwan serves as a single window. InvesTaiwan designates a specific person to be exclusively in charge of your case, including investment consultation as well as how to apply for preferential benefits provided by the Taiwanese government. (Investment Service: +886 2 23112031)


In response to the demands of domestic industrial development, these strategies focus on attracting competitive Taiwanese companies to invest in Taiwan, and to invest in high-value-added industries and industries that are being upgraded or are undergoing transformation. A related objective is to convince Taiwanese companies to make Taiwan their R&D center and operational headquarters.

Promotion Methods

Better understand the needs of Taiwanese companies via communication with Taiwanese business organizations.Establish communication channels with core members of Taiwanese business associations operating in China or other overseas regions. Gather relevant issues and requirements related to investing in Taiwan by organizing activities with overseas Taiwanese companies. In addition, improve data collection related to investment sources.

Focus on the demands of Taiwanese companies and organize expert service teams

Strengthen investment promotion and coaching services, focusing on the demands of Taiwanese companies for upgrading and transformation, such as automation and innovative business models.

Work with ITRI and other corporate experts to form service teams that can provide coaching services and specific suggestions for Taiwanese companies.

Encourage Taiwanese companies to return to Taiwan and use technologies and R&D capacity provided by research institutes such as ITRI to strengthen their competitive advantages.

Combine local government resources and provide specific investment opportunities

Work with industrial development and investment promotion committees of each county and city of Taiwan to strengthen investment services for Taiwanese companies; for example, when operating or setting up factories in Taiwan.

Actively support the industrial investment promotion activities promoted by each county and city of Taiwan. Hold investment promotion informational meetings to attract Taiwanese companies to develop local key industries in Taiwan.