• Attracting overseas investment to Taiwan

  • Assistance for Taiwanese investment abroad

  • Welcoming talent from overseas

  • Encouraging local firms returning to Invest in Taiwan

  • Mainland Chinese investment in Taiwan

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Attracting overseas investment to Taiwan

Promotion Focus

The 5+2 Industrial Innovation Program and key developmental industries

The 5+2 Industrial Innovation Program:

• Smart Machinery: Machine Tools, Intelligent Robots, Application Software

• Asia Silicon Valley (Internet of Things): IoT Sensors, Cloud Computing, Mobile Broadband services, Artificial Intelligence(AI)

• Green Energy: Offshore Wind Power, Electric Vehicles(Battery)

• Biomedicine: Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices

• National Defense: Military Aircraft and Vessels, Information Security

• Circular Economy: Resource Recycling

Key Developmental Industries:

Semiconductor Equipment, Electronic Materials, Logistic Services, Catering, Wholesale/Retail

Promotional Strategies and Methods:

Framework for investment measures