OPTORUN-Taiwan Industrial Zone New Factory opened

Japan's optical film-forming equipment "Guang Chi" is scheduled to hold a new factory completion and opening ceremony at 9:00 am on the morning of November 22, with an investment of NT$100 million, which will create about 50 to 100 jobs. The new plant is mainly used to manufacture electronic optical products, 3C devices and other basic equipment, such as electronic industry panels, optical film production equipment for smart phones and vehicle lens, thin film battery coating equipment.

Due to the increasing demand for optical film and high-performance coating equipment in the international market, the market demand for 3C components such as touch panels for smart phones in Taiwan has been expanding in recent years; the manufacturer's thin film evaporation manufacturing equipment is worldwide. The market share of the market is over 20%, and the Taiwan market has a market share of more than 50%. In order to be close to the market, Japanese merchants set up "Guangchi Technology Co., Ltd." in Taiwan in the year of (102) and completed the first in Taichung Industrial Zone. The plant is set up at the stage and is expected to be put into operation immediately after the opening. The official operation of "Guangchi Technology Co., Ltd." will help domestic optical, touch panel and optical components and other related industries, and can obtain high-quality equipment more quickly, effectively saving domestic manufacturers' production costs and enhancing the international competition of the industry. force.

In May of (102), Guangchi Company sought assistance from the Executive Yuan Global Investment Promotion Service Center. Under the cooperation of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taichung City Government, and Precision Machinery Promotion Office, the company assisted manufacturers in finding factories and setting up companies to make manufacturers in the first half of the year. Successfully completed the establishment of the factory, effectively shortening the timetable for investment applications in Taiwan. In addition, as the demand for thin-film equipment in the Asian market has increased year by year, Nissho Corporation plans to use Taiwan as a base for equipment manufacturing in Asia. With the guidance of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, the company will be committed to the research and development of new equipment in the future. Currently, the company is actively planning the second phase of the investment plan. The Executive Yuan Global Investment Promotion Service Center will continue to provide necessary assistance from the manufacturers.

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