“New Southbound Policy” Investment Seminar: Helping Taiwanese Businesses to develop New Market Opportunities

In order to promote the New Southbound Policy and help Taiwanese enterprises to create new market opportunities in the countries involved, the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Department of Investment Services on October 30, 2017 held a “’New Southbound Policy’ Investment Seminar.” The event was hosted at the National Taiwan University Hospital’s International Conference Center. The seminar focused on key markets for Taiwanese businesses, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and India. Those who made presentations and offered Q &A interaction to attendees, which included representatives from the Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center (IEK), KPMG and overseas firms with extensive experiences in overseas investment. The seminar attracted about 200 representatives from Taiwanese enterprises. All the attendees enthusiastically participated in discussions that explored topics such as the developmental environments of the New Southbound Policy countries, industrial trends and potential new business opportunities.